Playground Rubber Mulch-Even More Savings!

Ever since we launched consumers have raved about our great manufacturer direct pricing on playground rubber mulch.  Now you have an opportunity to save more money than ever by purchasing playground swing mats with your  playground rubber mulch and save 40%.  Check your shopping cart for add on discount items and be aware that  items may not be available in your state.

See an item from Everlast Rubber Mulch that you would like to have….simply hit the chat button and find out for yourself how dedicated we are to fantastic customer service and great prices!

If you are only looking for a few bags of landscape rubber mulch or playground rubber mulch check our dealer locator for garden centers that carry our product locally.

playground rubber mulch accessories

Add up to 5 to your rubber mulch order and save!


Weed Control Starts Before Spring

If weed control is on your wish list this year now is the time to create a plan and reduce your garden maintenance time and cost.  Whether you plan to apply a new layer of wood mulch, deal with the weeds growing in your stone beds, or install rubber mulch to prevent weeds in the future, there is an extra step that can pay huge benefits.  Flower beds, hardscapes, and rock gardens require some maintenance. Add this extra step every spring and you can reduce your time weeding your landscaping for the entire season.

Pre-emergents help control weed seed pre-season and pre-germination.  The concept is simple.  Chemically treat the top half inch of soil to stop the existing weed seed from germinating.  Exposed beds that lack any form of mulch allow weed seed to blow in and build up on top of the soil.  Rock gardens that have a weed fabric underneath have built up a layer of soil and organic matter and the dormant weed seed is simply waiting for the temperature to rise so they can germinate.  Treating before they germinate is imperative to controlling the weeds.

There are many types of pre-emergent.  The length of time they are effective varies.  Treflan (granular) is extremely effective but will lose it’s effectiveness if the area is disturbed prior to mulching.  Surflan (liquid) is also extremely effective. Brands don’t matter much as chemistry is everything so shop for the best deal on the active ingredients.

Even though Everlast Rubber Mulch acts as the weed barrier, any weed seed already in the soil should be dealt with prior to rubber mulch installation.  The concept is simple.  Two inches of Everlast Rubber Mulch will reduce weed growth by 95% due the fact that the rubber top dressing stays dry, traps the airborne weed seed, and dehydrates it.  If the seed  can’t get to the soil it can not germinate. Weed seed already present in the soil should be dealt with by either using a pre-emergent or applying a post emergent herbicide after you install the rubber mulch.  Either way, once you install the rubber mulch and eradicate the existing weed seed you will see a 95% reduction in weed growth.  By the way Everlast Rubber Mulch is not discolored by Roundup….not that you will need it for much longer!

Playground Rubber Mulch Savings Just in Time for Spring

no splinter playset

No exposed lumber to decay in the sun means NO SPLINTERS!

Ever since we launched customers have been thrilled with our great rubber mulch prices.  The Everlast store is unique in that it prices products to your location allowing us to pass on savings direct from the manufacturer to you.  Often web pricing is set so that all customers pay the same price and since freight is a large component of the delivered cost, other manufacturers price material assuming the highest freight rate possible.  Therefore, some customers pay more than they need to for rubber mulch products.

Soon you will be able to save even more money on great playground rubber mulch accessories.  When you purchase a pallet of playground rubber mulch we will be offering you rubber mats, rubber fanny pads, borders, and other great products at deep discounts because the freight is already covered by the mulch purchase!  You will be able to save up to 50% on our most popular rubber mulch accessories.

If you are planning a spring playground spruce up or considering a new playset be sure to check the store for super prices on playground accessories.  Check out our “no splinter” playsets for some great designs, color choices, and long lasting construction.

Rubber Mulch and Canons-Unlikely Uses for Rubber Mulch

Over the many years I have  been producing Everlast Rubber Mulch I pretty much thought I had “heard it all”.  I have seen our products used for some great projects.  Bright purple and gold to match a casiono’s color theme. Rubber mulch used to retain moisture in Dubai when half of tire was buried underground to hold water.  Numerous movie and television show sets.  Hand to hand combat training pits, firing ranges as backstops, but today we shipped some of our product to be used as……..

Canon Fire-

That’s right Everlast Rubber Mulch is being shot out of a cannon to represent canon grape shot.  Often used by pirate ships-think of it as a shotgun the size of your car.  Turns out that “grape shot” was generally 3/4 inch material bundled together in some form of cloth that burned away when the cannon went off.  Keep your eyes open in the movies maybe you can spot it!

We enjoy our products immensely and everday we hear from customers enjoying our low maintenance landscape and playground rubber mulch products.  People stop in all the time with pictures of their garden designs if you have one you are especially proud of send it in so we can show the world.  We love creative uses for our products; have an idea for another use just give us a call.

Rubber Mulch for Weed Control

Running a garden center in Florida over the years has taught me a thing or two about low maintenance gardening.  People move to Florida to retire, relax, and pursue their hobbies. Yard maintenance is dreaded by many in the Sunshine State.  Everyday we are asked by customers at our nursery “what is  the best solution to common wood mulch problems?”  Most don’t want to weed their gardens in the summer heat nor do they want to spend money year after year mulching their beds. There are options and here we will look at a few of them.

Wood mulch problems are obvious; especially in a climate that sees torrential downpours combined with blistering heat.

wood mulch weed problem

Wood Mulch with Weed Block after 8 months

Stone can make an excellent groundcover.  Interestingly some local communities disallow the use of stone in landscaping due to safety concerns surrounding rocks thrown by mowers.  It is imperative when using stone in Florida that a geo-textile fabric (aka weed block) be used.  The cloth provides one function; keeping the stones from sinking into the soil after a few years.  Unfortunately, without regular maintenance the “weed fabric” becomes the problem over time.  Soil collects on top of the fabric and weed seed will germinate in the potting soil.  Once the root of the weed pushes through the fabric the root structure seeks the moisture held in the woven or perforated fabric.  Once this happens you can not pull the weed without lifting/distorting the weed mat.  Assuming regular maintenance is planned, especially starting in the third year, stone is a great choice.  One yard of stone generally weighs one ton and will cover 100 square feet.

stone mulch

The plants are weeds! One of our “snowbirds” came home to this after being away only 6 months.

Glass Mulch 
is really neat!  The colors are often nearly iridescent but the cost is simply too much for our local customers.  Awesome for fire pits and water features but for general landscaping we don’t carry glass mulch due to the high cost and limited availability.

Pine Straw is a common landscape product used from Central Florida through the Carolinas and Georgia.  Inexpensive and often taken from local pine forests, pine straw offers a different texture and color than other products.  It is not uncommon for customers to request new pine straw 2 and 3 times a year.  Although the product is extremely cost effective, don’t forget to figure labor costs into your annual budget.  Some communities are questioning the use of pine straw due to flammability concerns.

Synthetic Pine Straw offers the same look and texture of natural pine straw without the need to replace it multiple times a year; it actually lasts for years.  Textraw produces this great product and it is more expensive initially but it offers an excellent long term solution.

synthetic pine staw in the landscape

The texture of pine staw without the expense of replacement.

Rubber Mulch is our preference for a few reasons.  I am adamantly opposed to the use of weed fabric in our local area.  We provided landscape design and maintenance for decades and many days our crews were out raking up thick rotten beds of wood mulch and ripping out the weed fabric underneath due to the fact it had degraded over time or weed seed had so infiltrated the landscape bed that the battle was simply too large for our customer.  To this day I will not offer our customers weed fabric even if they are using one of the many colors of wood mulch we sell.
 Rubber Mulch is the weed blocker.  It stays dry and traps the airborne weed seed in the rubber where it dehydrates.  It performs as weed block should without trapping organic matter at the surface-it simply washes through.  This is why we insist that all rubber mulch should be put down at 2″ thick; any thinner and the rubber mulch will only provide come color.  Many brands of rubber mulch are sold in small .8 cubic foot bags (approximately 20 lbs) and the manufacturers show coverage tables on the bag listing one inch thick so that it appears that the bag goes further.  One common issue our customers have is that they buy these bags to try, and it becomes obvious that the great low price they found at the Big Box simply doesn’t save them any money over Everlast Rubber Mulch.  Everlast does not use crumb rubber filler and is packaged in a 1.15 cubic foot bag (approximately 30 lbs) which covers 7.5 square feet at the magic 2″ depth.  Available in bulk as well.  A yard of rubber mulch weighs one third of a yard of stone (700 lbs) and covers 170 square feet in the landscape.  If you just want some color go ahead and figure 15 square feet of coverage per bag.  We manufacture and sell Everlast Rubber Mulch and our proud that we offer great pricing, excellent performance, and real world gardening solutions to all of our customers.  If you are ever in Central Florida come by and check out the nursery. I have collected some rare and unusual plant species over the years….ever seen black grass?

By the way….for all the naysayers on rubber mulch and stunting plant growth.  I have been growing azaleas among other species in my landscape for years and they are gorgeous and tough for most people to grow due to the high water and acid requirements.  Our experience shows us daily that plants thrive-long term-in Everlast Rubber Mulch.

red landscape rubber mulch in garden

Colorfast Over a Decade and No Weed Block Expense!

Playground Rubber Mulch Alternatives-New Video

Wood playground mulch

The only drawback to playground rubber mulch products is the fact that the initial cost is much higher than conventional wood mulches. For some, rubber playground mulch is simply not affordable. Many people don’t want to use landscape grade wood mulch in their playgrounds as they recognize that it is often generated from yard waste of unknown sources, tends to rot quickly due to it’s shredded nature, and was not designed for playground applications.

Engineered Wood Fiber Playground Mulch is an affordable mid price alternative to rubber mulch that can provide long lasting results when applied properly in a playground. All loose fill mulches require some pre-planning and a two part video has been added to our site to help guide you through the various options and considerations when installing a backyard playground. Underlayment, borders, rut prevention, and more are covered.

Part 1-Engineered Wood Fiber Details Video
Part 2-Playground Mulch Installation Tips Video