Great Ideas for an Apartment Garden

If you live in a small apartment unit, chances are having a garden isn’t on the list of your priorities. However, studies have shown just how therapeutic a garden can be to one’s daily life (even just a pocket-sized one). So don’t fret about not having enough space outdoors for shrubs, trees, and full blooms – not when there are several small garden ideas you can try right now.

Build a wall, then fill it with plants

If you want more privacy, go ahead and build a wooden divider between your unit and the next one’s (make sure you follow fencing regulations, though). You can then soften the effect with plants in containers. Even recycled wood can have a deliberately rustic appeal with potted plants hanging from hooks on the wall, or growing from crate-like planters in tiers or shelves built on its side. If you have a patio, even better! You can hold gatherings on squashy cushions on rugs, surrounded by herbs or potted blooms interspersed with fairy lights.

Think small, but colorful

Sometimes a burst of bright colors is enough to summon the sights and scents of nature without going overboard on the plants. All you need are hardy blooms like dwarf roses and geraniums, some pots, and sunlight for at least the fourth of a day. Group these blooms on an outdoor table or any surface that needs brightening up, and you’ll soon forget about not having a full-sized lawn.

Window boxes work wonders

If you don’t have horizontal space for plants, take advantage of your vertical ones. Just like the divider/fence idea above, the space underneath your windows can become prime real estate for your apartment garden. There is also the option of hanging baskets or burlap sacks of plants on balcony railings. You can plant an herb garden of basil, thyme, mint, cilantro, chiles, and even berries you can pick whenever you’re in the mood for them.

Create a whimsical vignette

Got orphaned teacups or teapots that no longer meet your tea party standards? Utilize them as whimsical plant holders! They can hold herbs, small flowers, wheat grass, or even tubers you’ve recycled from past meals. Artfully curate them in vignettes with other favorite objects throughout your apartment.  It won’t matter if the cups or pots are chipped or cracked a bit – it will add to the rustic and whimsical appeal of literally having a teacup-sized garden at home.

Go low-maintenance

If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, go for succulents. They’re some of the hardiest and most interesting-looking plants you can take care of. You don’t even need to water them on a regular basis because they store their own moisture supply within. Simply check the topsoil for dryness every week or so. What they need, though, is lots of sun. Make sure to place them somewhere they can bathe in full sunlight for most part of a day.