A Garden for a Tiny Home

plants for tiny houses

The presence of plants and flowers can brighten up any home no matter how small it may be. Even the most urban of areas should have patches of green to soothe the busy mind and calm the frazzled soul.

There are no ifs or buts about it – even if you live in a tiny studio or a small apartment, you deserve a garden this year. But how to go about getting one if there’s no real square footage meant for it? Here are some creative ways.


Take advantage of natural light on window sills

This technique works well for your small home in several ways. One, it allows indoor plants to thrive because of all the natural light coming in. Two, you won’t have to provide additional shelves or tables for the plants, so your home doesn’t look and feel even more cluttered. Three, you can have a small herb “garden” in your kitchen to use whenever you need it.


Create a vignette on tables, shelves, and nooks

Combine something organic with your favorite knick-knacks, and you will have a vignette worthy of a lifestyle magazine feature. A small potted plant on a bookcase, a hanging shelf, on top of a bathroom counter, or just about any surface that looks dull and utilitarian will do. Having plants or flowers among ordinary, everyday things can quickly liven up a space and add an accent that no expensive accessory can achieve.


Let it hang!

From lattices to arches, to plain hooks on the ceiling or walls, there are a myriad ways to introduce plants into your home without giving up precious floor space. When in doubt, mount it or let it hang from the ceiling. Let a creeping plant swing languidly in a corner of a room, or install a small jar of blooms on a wall where the sun can reach it. Hanging or wall-mounted plants can be a mix of functional and decorative, so you don’t need to plan an entire decorating budget around them.


Carve a green space in your balcony

If you have even the tiniest balcony to stand on, consider yourself blessed. It’s the perfect space to form a pocket garden even if you don’t have a yard. With some effort, you could already have a small herb garden to call your own. You can use an old bookcase or kitchen trolley to keep your plants and tools organized in one corner. And if you want your apartment unit to stand out, have creeping vines and blooms take over the railings – it’s the best and most natural way to add color to your home’s exterior!


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