Mulch For the Holidays and Spring

With the holiday season quickly approaching, who doesn’t want their property looking great for their in-laws and guests?  Now that the summer heat has let go it is a great time to mulch and save some money going forward.

Just think, you can make your home more attractive than ever and know that when the snow melts it will look just as great!  Everlast Rubber Mulch looks great year after year. Available in 7 rich and vibarant colors…colors that last.  Remember the old adage “the only thing you get with a pile of wood mulch is a coupon to go back and bet more”.  Mulching once with Everlast Rubber Mulch not only reduces weed growth but also keeps your landscape budget working for you.  Next spring you can buy more annuals and perennials, enjoy your weekends by not having to mulch, and forget about lugging bags or wheelbarrows once or twice a year across the lawn!

We can ship direct via our online store or find a dealer near you.

Don’t forget that every bag of Everlast Rubber Mulch reduces landfill use…recycling at its best!

red landscape rubber mulch in garden

Colorfast Over a Decade and No Weed Block Expense!

Rubber Mulch and Water Retention

landscape rubber mulch saves waterAsk any gardener or landscaper for mulch recommendations and you will certainly get an answer with some conviction and seldom will opinions match.  There are some universal truths to mulching though and general observation can tell us one universal truth.

Wood mulch that is applied year after year becomes rotten underneath and matted on top.  This leads to water shedding; water is directed away from the root zone and aeration of the root zone is greatly impacted.  Water simply can not penetrate a thick layer of matted wood mulch and therefore this is certainly a bad mulch practice.

Rubber mulch never mats or rots and is always permeable.  Therefore, all water runs straight through with no water shed.  Rubber also holds moisture in the ground.  If we have a semi load of rubber mulch that is soaking wet and leave it on a concrete pad in the hot Florida sun the material will never dry out.  The water will remain trapped in the rubber because rubber is an insulator.  The top is warm and the middle is cool so the water doesn’t escape.

Years ago we were presented with an opportunity in Dubai.  No matter what the customer tried they could not hold moisture in the ground until they top dressed with Everlast Rubber Mulch.  The rubber mulch allowed all of the irrigation to flow through to the plants and held the water in the ground.  The soil temperature was only 2 degrees warmer than the wood much beds due to the insulative nature of rubber mulch.

This is exactly why rubber mulch acts as weed barrier.  The rubber stays dry so weed seed dehydrates before it reaches the soil.  It is just that simple!

For more information on our landscape rubber mulch and playground rubber mulch please visit our websites Everlast Rubber Mulch or Playground Rubber Mulch.

Gardening and Rubber Mulch for Mental Health?

I just read a great article in American Nurseryman magazine by the editor Sally Benson who was paraphrasing a radio program she heard recently.  The discussion revolved around the fact that our daily lives are immersed in rigid geometric shapes….from the TV, cellphone, computer screen, rooms in our homes, offices, SUV’s, etc.  Seems like everything around us is just another box.

stress relief through gardening

Stress Relief

I believe that second only to pets, gardening can provide a fantastic outlet and stress reliever for those of us living in a busy and urgent world.  Every morning I look forward to checking on my gardenia’s progress from the day before.  My home landscape is covered with blooming beauties and of course a few different colors of my “Nearly World Famous” Everlast Rubber Mulch.

I love to landscape due to the fact that my mind relaxes while I check on the progress of all my favorite plants and I am constantly expanding my plant varieties.  I thoroughly enjoy mixing colors and creating refreshing contrasts to my world which is full of black bordered monitors and sterile websites and data streams.

I am extremely busy but still make time for my landscape in part because I don’t have to spend my time weeding my beds….I am lucky because I get to focus on the fun side of gardening-the sensory experience that doesn’t involve sweat!

Do yourself a favor and take a good look at our low maintenance rubber mulch products….the dividends can be life changing.

Control Weeds for a Low Maintenance Garden This Spring

One of the best reasons to consider rubber mulch is the fact that it acts as a weed barrier. Every day in our nursery someone comes by frustrated with weeds in their landscape or turf and they are looking for solutions.  Everlast will help prevent new weeds from appearing but existing weeds and weed seed do need to be dealt with properly for best results.

There are many forms of weed killer.  Weeds that have already sprouted need to be treated with a post-emergent product.  Weeds that have yet to sprout need to be handled with pre-emergent weed killer. Chemistry varies between products but Roundup or equivalents seem to be the go to product for many homeowners looking to kill existing weeds; but they are often frustrated by poor results.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient and you can think of it as suntan lotion for green leaves. It prevents the plant from utilizing the sunlight.  It is imperative that this type of product be applied when the plant is growing because that when it needs the most energy.  Applying weed killer too early in the season will not yield the best results.  Persistent tougher weeds may need to be coated more than once and I recommend 7 to 10 days between applications.  Some products contain a small percentage of diquat which is my favorite.

Yesterday a young lady came in complaining of dollar weed that seemed to be unaffected by the products she was using.  I have had great success using Roundup Quick Pro that contains just under 3% diquat.  I re-apply once the dollar weed starts to yellow and have had good luck keeping it under control.  When the dollar weed is in my turf I have to be very careful applying the product as it is non selective meaning it will affect nearly all varieties of plants not just the dollar weed.  My turf suffers a bit if I am not too careful but the results are worth it to me as the dollar weed gets the worst of it.

A quick note on Everlast and weed control with rubber mulch.  Our products stay dry.  Weed seed that blows into the beds gets trapped in the rubber which is why we recommend a 2″ depth.  All the water runs through the mulch since it never mats like rotten wood mulch.  We don’t recommend a weed fabric so organic material is never trapped in the mulch-weed seed won’t find any moisture above grade.  It is just that simple.

Free Shipping and Rubber Mulch-Ends Tonight?

rubber mulch free shipping

The best price to everyone every day.

Our mission at Everlast Rubber Mulch is to provide people with a product that performs as advertised and reduces stress for the average homeowner and facilities manager.  The time you gain every year when using our products for many is invaluable.

My passion for rubber mulch started back in 1998 when my son, then a toddler, was eager to play every Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately, my landscape was very demanding as I had a large bed with cypress mulch that had become a weed factory and needed to be weeded every week-sometimes taking a couple of hours.  After I installed rubber mulch my Sundays were free again . He and I played many board games on those days and although over the years I was able to win many a battle- today I don’t stand a chance when playing Halo with him-he dominates to say the least.

So what does free shipping on rubber mulch have to do with stress?  At we give every customer in every state the best possible price we can when delivering rubber mulch to your home or jobsite.  For many states we are able to offer free shipping on all of our products and you will never find that our free shipping ends tonight, tomorrow, or soon.  So don’t worry if you see an ad that tries to rush you into a rubber mulch purchase-there is probably a reason they are pushing you to buy today….and you probably know why now that you have found us!

Rubber Mulch and Potato Chips-Something in Common?

Rubber Mulch Complaints

Rubber Mulch and Potato Chips

No one likes to open a fresh bag of potato chips only to find that the chips are crushed.  Even though I like to make the end of a Doritos bag go a little further by crushing them I hate crushed chips.

One of the biggest complaints we hear about landscape and playground rubber mulch from consumers that have tried other brands is the fact that their is so much powder and crumb rubber in the bag.  The extra “fluff” in each bag of rubber mulch is simply a waste of money and the tiny bags available at most chain stores don’t cover enough area to justify the installation time and expense.

We strive to give you the best value in rubber mulch products and that’s why we offer you rubber mulch price comparisons right in our shopping cart.  This way you can make an informed decision and be assured that not only are you buying a high quality playground or landscape product but that you are receiving the best price on the web.  Everlast Rubber Mulch products are specifically designed for their intended use ensuring that you get exactly what you need.


More Than Just Rubber Mulch


rubber mulch and outdoor living products

Rubber Mulch and More

Most people know that Everlast Rubber Mulch was the original landscape rubber mulch product and that quality has been our hallmark from the beginning.  Utilizing high heat driers and providing a truly no bleed rubber mulch product in a variety of colors for over a decade.  Our lawn and garden experience goes back much further though, and our eye for quality products comes from hand picking plant material for our nursery from some of the finest growers in the U.S.

Today we offer a huge selection of quality products to enhance your outdoor living experience this spring.

Rubber Mulch for Weed Control

Running a garden center in Florida over the years has taught me a thing or two about low maintenance gardening.  People move to Florida to retire, relax, and pursue their hobbies. Yard maintenance is dreaded by many in the Sunshine State.  Everyday we are asked by customers at our nursery “what is  the best solution to common wood mulch problems?”  Most don’t want to weed their gardens in the summer heat nor do they want to spend money year after year mulching their beds. There are options and here we will look at a few of them.

Wood mulch problems are obvious; especially in a climate that sees torrential downpours combined with blistering heat.

wood mulch weed problem

Wood Mulch with Weed Block after 8 months

Stone can make an excellent groundcover.  Interestingly some local communities disallow the use of stone in landscaping due to safety concerns surrounding rocks thrown by mowers.  It is imperative when using stone in Florida that a geo-textile fabric (aka weed block) be used.  The cloth provides one function; keeping the stones from sinking into the soil after a few years.  Unfortunately, without regular maintenance the “weed fabric” becomes the problem over time.  Soil collects on top of the fabric and weed seed will germinate in the potting soil.  Once the root of the weed pushes through the fabric the root structure seeks the moisture held in the woven or perforated fabric.  Once this happens you can not pull the weed without lifting/distorting the weed mat.  Assuming regular maintenance is planned, especially starting in the third year, stone is a great choice.  One yard of stone generally weighs one ton and will cover 100 square feet.

stone mulch

The plants are weeds! One of our “snowbirds” came home to this after being away only 6 months.

Glass Mulch 
is really neat!  The colors are often nearly iridescent but the cost is simply too much for our local customers.  Awesome for fire pits and water features but for general landscaping we don’t carry glass mulch due to the high cost and limited availability.

Pine Straw is a common landscape product used from Central Florida through the Carolinas and Georgia.  Inexpensive and often taken from local pine forests, pine straw offers a different texture and color than other products.  It is not uncommon for customers to request new pine straw 2 and 3 times a year.  Although the product is extremely cost effective, don’t forget to figure labor costs into your annual budget.  Some communities are questioning the use of pine straw due to flammability concerns.

Synthetic Pine Straw offers the same look and texture of natural pine straw without the need to replace it multiple times a year; it actually lasts for years.  Textraw produces this great product and it is more expensive initially but it offers an excellent long term solution.

synthetic pine staw in the landscape

The texture of pine staw without the expense of replacement.

Rubber Mulch is our preference for a few reasons.  I am adamantly opposed to the use of weed fabric in our local area.  We provided landscape design and maintenance for decades and many days our crews were out raking up thick rotten beds of wood mulch and ripping out the weed fabric underneath due to the fact it had degraded over time or weed seed had so infiltrated the landscape bed that the battle was simply too large for our customer.  To this day I will not offer our customers weed fabric even if they are using one of the many colors of wood mulch we sell.
 Rubber Mulch is the weed blocker.  It stays dry and traps the airborne weed seed in the rubber where it dehydrates.  It performs as weed block should without trapping organic matter at the surface-it simply washes through.  This is why we insist that all rubber mulch should be put down at 2″ thick; any thinner and the rubber mulch will only provide come color.  Many brands of rubber mulch are sold in small .8 cubic foot bags (approximately 20 lbs) and the manufacturers show coverage tables on the bag listing one inch thick so that it appears that the bag goes further.  One common issue our customers have is that they buy these bags to try, and it becomes obvious that the great low price they found at the Big Box simply doesn’t save them any money over Everlast Rubber Mulch.  Everlast does not use crumb rubber filler and is packaged in a 1.15 cubic foot bag (approximately 30 lbs) which covers 7.5 square feet at the magic 2″ depth.  Available in bulk as well.  A yard of rubber mulch weighs one third of a yard of stone (700 lbs) and covers 170 square feet in the landscape.  If you just want some color go ahead and figure 15 square feet of coverage per bag.  We manufacture and sell Everlast Rubber Mulch and our proud that we offer great pricing, excellent performance, and real world gardening solutions to all of our customers.  If you are ever in Central Florida come by and check out the nursery. I have collected some rare and unusual plant species over the years….ever seen black grass?

By the way….for all the naysayers on rubber mulch and stunting plant growth.  I have been growing azaleas among other species in my landscape for years and they are gorgeous and tough for most people to grow due to the high water and acid requirements.  Our experience shows us daily that plants thrive-long term-in Everlast Rubber Mulch.

red landscape rubber mulch in garden

Colorfast Over a Decade and No Weed Block Expense!