Rubber Mulch and Canons-Unlikely Uses for Rubber Mulch

Over the many years I have  been producing Everlast Rubber Mulch I pretty much thought I had “heard it all”.  I have seen our products used for some great projects.  Bright purple and gold to match a casiono’s color theme. Rubber mulch used to retain moisture in Dubai when half of tire was buried underground to hold water.  Numerous movie and television show sets.  Hand to hand combat training pits, firing ranges as backstops, but today we shipped some of our product to be used as……..

Canon Fire-

That’s right Everlast Rubber Mulch is being shot out of a cannon to represent canon grape shot.  Often used by pirate ships-think of it as a shotgun the size of your car.  Turns out that “grape shot” was generally 3/4 inch material bundled together in some form of cloth that burned away when the cannon went off.  Keep your eyes open in the movies maybe you can spot it!

We enjoy our products immensely and everday we hear from customers enjoying our low maintenance landscape and playground rubber mulch products.  People stop in all the time with pictures of their garden designs if you have one you are especially proud of send it in so we can show the world.  We love creative uses for our products; have an idea for another use just give us a call.