Need an Alternative to Playground Rubber Mulch? Save Money with EWF

EWF Engineered Wood Fiber

Even though Everlast Kids Playground Rubber Mulch offers the best value in the rubber mulch industry, sometimes budgets prohibit it’s use.  Luckily there is another high quality playground safety surface alternative.  EWF.

What is EWF?  Engineered Wood Fiber is wood playground mulch made from select sources.  Typical wood mulch is produced under fairly loose quality control standards so you can think of engineered wood fiber as a high class high quality wood playground mulch.  The ASTM, used to be the  American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), develops standards for products and there is a standard by which all Engineered Wood Fiber must adhere to insuring that you receive the high quality wood playground material you purchase.

One issue all playgrounds with loose fill products have is rutting where the kids drag their feet.  Whether you use wood mulch or rubber mulch you can save time and maintain a safer playground by removing the trip hazards with rubber swing mats and rubber borders.

A great new patent pending product is Tie Guard!  

playground border repair

Cover those unsafe and unsightly borders!

If your playground uses railroad ties or similar for borders and they are showing their age now you can cover the tops with a rubber matt quickly and affordably.You can see our full line of rubber borders and mats here.

Over the years we have aligned ourselves with numerous quality minded raw material producers in both the recycled rubber and the wood fiber markets and today are proud to have products made by hard working Americans all over the U.S. If you have an upcoming project that requires a playground top off or new installation we would love to be a part of it.  For more info on wood products click here.


Rubber Mulch: Not the only use for scrap tires-diaper bags too!

recycled tire gifts

Show your recycling spirit!

Tire recycling has come along way in the last 15 years and we offer some great products made from tires and innertubes.  Most people know us for our great rubber mulch products but we also offer a complete line of home and office gifts perfect to show your commitment to recycling and bring a smile to someone’s face.  Just visit to see the complete lineup.  See our facebook page for a discount code!

More Than Just Rubber Mulch


rubber mulch and outdoor living products

Rubber Mulch and More

Most people know that Everlast Rubber Mulch was the original landscape rubber mulch product and that quality has been our hallmark from the beginning.  Utilizing high heat driers and providing a truly no bleed rubber mulch product in a variety of colors for over a decade.  Our lawn and garden experience goes back much further though, and our eye for quality products comes from hand picking plant material for our nursery from some of the finest growers in the U.S.

Today we offer a huge selection of quality products to enhance your outdoor living experience this spring.

Why do we pay for tire disposal when whole tires are turned into rubber mulch?

Tire Recycling and Rubber Mulch

Remeber When the Best Thing to Do With a Tire Was Make a Tire Swing?

We often receive calls from individuals and businesses that have a large amount of tires. People generally call with the hope that they can sell us their tires for rubber mulch. Sometimes, people buy property and discover tires on the property or in a storage unit that they have purchased or rented. Tires are by the very nature very tough, just think of what they do for us every day running down the highway at high speeds!

Tipping fees, or the fees you pay to discard tires, support multiple things. When people illegally dump tires often the state is responsible for cleaning up the dump sites. Due to the heavy equipment and labor needed to retrieve the tires, liability insurance, and transportation costs the clean up costs can be quite expensive. The state uses part of the money to cover illegal tire sites which can pose a public health problem. A small portion of the fees paid at your local tire store go to cover the store’s administrative costs in accounting to the state or other enforcement agency. The balance of the fees help cover the processing costs of grinding the tires. Remember that the tires have to be picked up, stacked on a truck by hand, and transported by large trucks requiring a lot of fuel.

Grinding tires is a very expensive operation. Equipment is extremely heavy duty and is very expensive. Rubber, during the grinding process is very abrasive and wears the internal components of the machines quickly. Tire grinders are typically electric or diesel and require a tremendous amount of either resulting in enormous costs. If the grinding operation is equipped they may be able to recycle all of the material, if not there is a disposal cost of the unwanted material. The good material has to be hauled to a manufacturer who must be willing to take non-virgin material or in other words recycled material. Unfortunately, the value of the rubber is not large enough to sustain the operation and bankruptcies with tire grinding operations are common. Therefore, tipping or disposal fees, are required to insure that tire recycling operators can continue to operate.
For more information on the benefits of rubber mulch and other products made from recycled tires enjoy our site.