Summer Brings Weeds Even in Rubber Mulch

Even though our rubber mulch products can reduce weed growth by up to 95%, weeds can be difficult to control especially if they are not addressed properly.  Tips for installation are here.

Proper landscape bed preparation is key to a low maintenance garden.  This includes identifying the soil conditions and weed seed prior to mulching and acting accordingly. Pre-emergents are immensely helpful in cutting down new weed growth encouraged by fresh mulch and the moisture it will retain.

Once new rubber mulch is installed, proper weed identification is key to eradicating them. In the South, we often see a long ropy grass that we know as “torpedo grass”.  This plant is an invasive weed and is difficult to kill as standard glyphosate (Round Up) based products have little to no effect.  We have found that diquat and glyphosate applied multiple times over a ten day period will knock this plant down if not kill it completely.

Another invasive difficult to control weed is nutsedge.  This weed has to be treated with a product specifically designed for it.  The plant has underground nutlets that turn in to new plants when the main plant is pulled…..again glyphosate is ineffective against this variety.

Unfortunately, the world is an incredibly diverse place and plants are very persistent as we have all seen weeds growing through concrete and asphalt!  There are no silver bullets for landscape weed control and selecting the proper tools to control invasive weeds is key.  Rubber mulch will perform as advertised when applied properly and is a huge step towards creating a low maintenance landscape.

Spring is Here! Check Out the Great Colors in Southern Alabama

white azaleas add an elegant touch to spring

Sheer Elegance


Who needs groundcover with a display like this?

This weekend I had the great fortune of meeting some great people and seeing some great spring color in Southern Alabama along Mobile Bay.  We were visiting some of our Everlast Rubber Mulch customers and some friends. Everywhere we went we were greeted with huge splashes of great Southern landscape designs.

Azaleas of all types:  Gerbing, Southern Charm, Solomon’s, Formosa, Fashion, Double Reds, and more.

Color in the landscape creates curb appeal, increases your enjoyment of your property, and provides some true hope for change.  Color can leave an indelible mark on your outlook, attitude, and perspective.

Rubber mulch provides a rare tool to add a long lasting vibrant backdrop to your artistic landscape creations.  Red rubber mulch contrasts with your green foliage, brown rubber mulch provides a dark backdrop to create formal gardens, and our own Southern Cypress can add a neutral balance to help provide some transition between lush green lawns and colorful landscapes.

No matter how you choose to add some color to your landscape this year just be sure that you do…..colors change with the seasons but the wait is worth it!

rubber mulch color alternative